What Is The Drug “Molly” And Why Are Rehabs In Florida Seeing More Clients For This Addiction?

What is a Molly?

Molly isn’t a new drug, but it’s an old drug that has been repackaged to draw in interest from younger crowds. Molly is essentially ecstasy, but it is a pure form of MDMA. It is a popular club drug that is taking the country by storm once again. It saw a popularity spike in the ’80s, but it is back again for another round.

Understanding Molly

Molly is typically sold in a crystalline form, and it is supposed to be a higher purity level than ecstasy. It is in the amphetamine class of drugs. It’s a powerful drug, and it can be dangerous. A lot of times fake Molly is sold. It can often be cut with meth to increase the addictive properties of an otherwise moderately addictive drug. This encourages more people to purchase it.

The Demand

Molly increases a person’s sense of intimacy and adventure. It opens a person up to new experiences. The euphoric high is typically enough to keep people coming back for more. When Molly is overused, it becomes less effective. It starts to cause addiction problems in thrill-seeking young adults. The demand is increasing. What started in NYC, is spreading down the east coast into Florida and surrounding states.

Molly Addiction

Rehabs in Florida are likely seeing a spike in addiction because the drug is gaining popularity. Young adults are more likely to abuse Molly. They are more likely to try it at a club, get drunk and then get high off of the drug. This can lead to blacking out, dehydration, exhaustion, depression and even death. The comedown from the drug is an intense one. The brain cannot handle the sudden drop in dopamine and serotonin. Users often experience severe depression after the high is gone. This effect is stronger the longer a user has been abusing Molly.

Users Of Molly

Molly users are typically a much younger crowd. That makes it especially dangerous. The brain is still developing between the ages of 16 and 24, but kids are using Molly heavily and recreationally. The electronic-music scene supports the use of Molly, and that’s where a lot of the interest is coming from.

Getting Help

If you know someone who uses Molly and may be addicted, then getting help early is extremely important. Molly can still be cut with adulterants, and it can still cause death even if it is pure. It’s wise to seek rehab before it is too late.